Welcome to Don't Break the Chain! This is a game jam submission for GMTK 2021 with the theme "Joined Together", made in under two days.

Your job here (as the red unit) is to keep in line with all of the other units while dodging large green obstacles. While you won't lose immediately if you go off course, you'll find your score quickly decreasing until you get back in line.

The controls are:

Up Arrow to move a lane up.

Down Arrow to move a lane down.

And that's it!

Be mindful that after moving there is quite a delay before you can move again, but this is lowered as the speed gets faster.

Feel free to post highscores in the comments!

Makeshift Highscore Board:

Secret Discord Group/2 - 4479

GMTK Jam Comments (sleepyrogue)- 3652

Dev - 3000

Itch.io Comments (Phour) - 2968

GMTK Discord (SallyTheSeaOtter) - 2900

Secret Discord Group/1 - 2754


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DBTCWin32.zip 18 MB


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2968 - so close 😭


That's the closest so far! I added it to the description if that's alright.