Subyss is a quick survival game where you try to keep your submarine from sinking into the abyss by smacking tentacles, fixing holes, and keeping your pump running.

This was made in about 2-3 days for One Minute Game Jam #7. Sound effects were mostly sourced from this Humble Bundle with minor edits, everything else was created for the jam. My runs range mostly from 2 to 6 minutes if I'm lucky, but the quickest run is technically under 40 seconds (Sorry if this is cheeky). This was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy!

Controls are:


        WASD to Move, hold W to climb ladder.

        Mouse to aim, Left click to strike with your weird wrench.

        Shift to sprint.       

        Ctrl to crouch (Downloadable). C to crouch for the web version.

        Space to retry after a run ends.

        Escape to exit on the downloadable version.


        Left stick on gamepad to move, hold forward to climb ladder.

        Right stick to aim, West (left) face button to strike with your weird wrench.

        Left trigger to sprint.

        East (right) face button to crouch. (weird unity mapping)

        South face button to retry after a run ends.

        Press start to exit at any time in the downloadable version.

How to Play:

    Strike a tentacle to get it to retreat, then strike the hole it made to repair it.

    Crouch through the small access tunnel and climb the ladder to reach the pump and repair it when needed. It can nearly match the effects of two holes on its own!

    Use the screen to see where the next tentacle is coming from when you have downtime.

Makeshift Highscore Board (feel free to post screenshots of times):

  1. Dev - 6m 13s
  2. warsugs (Jam Comments) - 1m 27.84s


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